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Axon Speciality Hospital

321, 6th Main Rd, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038


Axon Hospital, a 50 bedded state of the art hospital is located at Indiranagar, Bangalore.

A state of the art multi-specialty hospital, Axon Hospital is located at Indiranagar, Bangalore. The hospital is equipped with the latest medical equipment and aided with leading medical practitioners of the city. The congenial nursing staffs make the backbone of the axon family. Founded in the year Nov 2009.

Mission: To provide state of the art healthcare to the society at affordable cost and delightful recuperation experience

Axon Specialty Hospital was established with a commitment to provide excellent health care to people. The hospital has earned its reputation by delivering quality healthcare and medicine practices in the sector of private hospitals. Over the years, the hospital has maintained the highest standards of nursing care and clinical skills across a wide range of specialties. With a team of skilled and highly qualified doctors and surgeons from leading practices, Axon hospital in Bangalore is now the one-stop clinic for all health problems. It offers friendly and easily accessible services to patients.

Equipment & Technology

Axon hospital is committed to delivering world-class health care and treatment facilities to patients. As a result, consultation receives adequate support from myriads of state-of-the-art equipment and diagnostic services available at the hospital. The hospital has both inpatient and outpatient facilities with daycare treatment. The patient’s privacy is maintained with utmost care.  

Specialties Treated

  • Orthopedics: At the Axon hospital in Bangalore, you can get all kinds of orthopedics suggestions and consultations from the leading orthopedists in the city. Orthopedists deal with problems related to joints and bones. From back pain to foot pain and joint or muscle stiffness, Axon hospital has specialists for all kinds of orthopedic problems.
  • Psychiatry: Mental health problems are rising due to stress and a busy lifestyle. For any psychiatric help, visit the Axon hospital in Bangalore for consultation and care.
  • General Surgery: All kinds of general surgery such as appendicitis, gallbladder stone, hernia, laparoscopic surgery, and minimally invasive surgeries are performed at the Axon hospital with utmost care and precision.
  • Pediatrician: All kinds of child health care advice and eminent child specialists provide consultation at the Axon Hospital. Whether it is a nagging fever or stomach problem, or something more serious, consult Axon pediatricians. Vaccinations are also given at the hospital.
  • ENT: Axon Specialty Hospital has the best ENT specialists to handle all kinds of issues related to the ear-nose-throat. Proper diagnosis and treatment are provided here.
  • Internal Medicine: Doctors specializing in Internal Medicine practice here at the Axon Specialty Hospital. The internal medicine practices take care of quickly diagnosing common illnesses like a common cold, viral fever, dengue, malaria, etc.
  • Cardiology: For any problem related to heart health, Axon cardiologists are the first choice. With the finest equipment and treatment facilities, the cardiology wing is the most sophisticated specialty of the hospital.
  • Nephrology: Expert nephrologists at the Axon Hospital in Bangalore treat the Problem of the kidneys such as kidney stones, renal failure, or damaged kidneys.



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