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Kshema diagnostic center is set up doctors and run by highly qualified doctors. Kshema Diagnostics is equipped with the best in class and most modern equipment such as fully-automated analyzers and backed by dedicated laboratory technicians who are part of a team of highly qualified and experienced pathologists and microbiologists. Stringent quality processes are in place from sample collection to final reports to ensure accuracy and efficiency and best results. Certified quality control programs are in place in various departments including biochemistry, hormone assays, serology, and hematology. Multi-level quality control sera are assayed in each instrument and approved by specialists prior to assaying patient samples for the day.

This apart, our extensive laboratory information software has been seamlessly connected to fully automated analyzers enabling fast and error-free data transmission thereby minimizing delays and transcription errors at the result entry-level.

The Ultrasound scan is a medical test that uses high-frequency sound waves to capture live images from the inside of your body. It’s also known as sonography. Ultrasound uses no radiation and for this reason, it’s the preferred method for viewing a developing fetus during pregnancy.

Why an ultrasound is performed?
An ultrasound allows your doctor to see problems with organs, vessels, joints, tendons, muscles, and other tissues without needing to make an incision. This test is also used to count follicles in the ovaries.

An ultrasound can provide a view of the:

Urinary Bladder
Blood Vessels
Brain (in infants

Unborn child during pregnancy
An ultrasound is also a helpful and best way to guide the surgeons and radiologists movements during surgeries and certain medical procedures, such as biopsies.

Fetal Medicine is an advanced science that deals with looking at mother and to be born foetus in a detailed and comprehensive manner.
The ultrasound scans are much detailed and the counseling is professional Fetal Medicine is a well developed science in the western world but in its infancy in India. We at Kshema diagnostic and 4D Ultrasound scan center try to bring you the best experience through detailed scanning and counseling.

Reporting Services
Early Pregnancy Scan
11-14 Weeks (NT) Scan
Mid Trimester Anomaly Scan with Doppler
Interval Growth Scan with Doppler
End Term Assessment Scan with Doppler
3D/4D Scan
Pelvic Scan
Abdominal Pelvic Scan
Breast Scan
Neonatal Abdomen Scan
Aneuploidy Screening
First Trimester Screening Test (FTS)
Second Trimester Screening Test
(Quadruple & Triple)
Genetic Counseling Consultations
Well-Woman Check-Up including PAP Smear

How to prepare for an ultrasound
For the best results and experience, Patients are advised to carry all the previous ultrasound reports when they come for the scan.

You need to come on an empty stomach preferably 8 – 10 hours fasting overnight especially for gall bladder scans. You should also come on a full bladder. You can drink water and coconut water.

You need to come to a full bladder. An empty stomach is not necessary.
If it is a transvaginal scan ( TVS ) you need to empty your bladder

A pregnancy scan may take anywhere between 10 minutes – 30 minutes. In certain cases the scan may have to be repeated at intervals especially if the fetus is not in the right position, It may rarely be necessary to call you back on another day if the scan is suboptimal.
For pregnancy scans it is preferable to come on a full bladder, fasting is not necessary.

Kshema diagnostic has the state  of the art GE VOLUSON E 8 which is the best machine for 3 D and 4 D scans 

* Please ring up the scan reception for any clarifications regarding preparation for scans *
How is an ultrasound is performed?
A water-based gel is applied to the skin which helps transmit the sound waves. Depending on the area being examined, you may need to change positions. After the procedure is over, the gel will be cleaned off of your skin.

Foetal echocardiography 

Very few centers in Bangalore has mastered the art of Fetal echocardiography. It requires high-end machines and also long term experience in dealing with such scans. 

However, Kshema diagnostic center has in house Fetal Medicine specialist who also does 3D and 4 D scans 

Ultrasound Scans at  Kshema diagnostic center 
Abdomen and Pelvis
Follicular study
Early Pregnancy
Nuchal / NT scan – This can be combined with double marker
Anomaly Scan
Interval Growth
BPP Scan
Foetal Echocardiogram
4D Scans
Foetal Doppler
Pelvis – 3D/4D pelvis
High-frequency Scans – Breast, Thyroid, Scrotum, Joints, hernia, etc.
Ultrasound-guided FNACs
Venous doppler for Upper and Lower limbs
Arterial doppler for Upper and Lower limbs
Renal doppler
Carotid doppler



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