AyusLab LIMS

We Are Now ISO 9001:2015 Certified

AyusCare (ISIRI Technologies Pvt.Ltd.) deals in healthcare technology solutions and manages AyusCare, an EMR (electronic medical record) system for storage and propagation of medical records including laboratory reports and prescriptions and enabling telemedicine. We are now ISO 9001:2015 Certified.   Certificate No: 21EQDT08 Initial Registration Date: 19/05/2021 Issuance Date: 19/05/2021 Date of Expiry: 18/05/2024 1st...
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Cloud Advantage with AyusLab LIMS

Cloud Advantage with AyusLab LIMS

The trend in information technology has been moving systems from customer-owned data centers to the cloud – and LIMS is no exception. The practice has been adopted by businesses of all sizes. Larger firms see the advantages of fast project-based scalability and increased performance. Even in the largest businesses, tightening budgets and a limited workforce...
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Interface Instruments LIMS

Why do you need to interface your instruments with LIMS?

AyusCare Team made a survey that asks whether the diagnostic instruments have been interfaced with the LIMS, When reviewing the results, it turns out that a large percentage of LIMS implementations have not interfaced with the diagnostic instruments to the software. Why don’t you?  The answers vary, but they include: We plan to in the...
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Why Laboratories Should Invest in a LIMS ?

A Lab Information Management System (LIMS) is a software that enables ease in operations involved in modern laboratories by automating, secure, and scalable tracking with all information. Main function of any LIMS is to track, store and process information about a sample from the time it passes into a lab until it has undergone processing. A LIMS...
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