The trend in information technology has been moving systems from customer-owned data centers to the cloud – and LIMS is no exception. The practice has been adopted by businesses of all sizes. Larger firms see the advantages of fast project-based scalability and increased performance. Even in the largest businesses, tightening budgets and a limited workforce may require a change in how you work. Smaller & mid-sized users of LIMS see value in various pricing models that can reduce the cost of “getting in the game.”

Cloud Advantage with AyusLab LIMS

Companies are increasingly realizing that shifting the correct application to the cloud can be a vital transition that drives performance. If you are considering moving your LIMS to the cloud, you are probably wondering, “What are the advantages?” There are a few here:

  1. Increased reliability and instant upgrade: The cloud provides better reliability than on-premise systems for the same or more functionality. With it, you can process assets as needed instantly, deploying servers in just minutes, but it may take 10-18 weeks of setting up on-site servers normally. And with most cloud services, connectivity as automated disaster recovery translates into increased time – further improving performance.
  2. Flexible price mechanisms and size of assets: Cloud service simplicity allows you to pay only for what you are using. To order to keep up with your changing needs, you can easily scale up or down the services your laboratories need on demand. Most cloud providers often provide “as a service” functionality to help you shift work from the in-house to the cloud provider, including Database as a Service, and Backup as a Service.
  3. Lower cost of service: Offloading your LIMS to the cloud would significantly reduce your operating costs. Just one move removes the company’s need to make the necessary investment in equipment upgrades & ongoing maintenance programs.
  4. Improved mitigation of risk: Cloud computing offers organizational flexibility from the viewpoint of risk management. It lowers your risk profile and can reduce risk mitigation costs.
  5. Enhanced flexibility and profitability of company: Fast scalability and the ability to add or remove features when appropriate means the company becomes more agile. And with the efficiency of the workforce boosts as high as 30-50%, companies can grow and develop faster – and less risky.

The bottom line is that you can benefit from a cloud-based LIMS … wait for it … your bottom line!

With shrinking budgets and staffing, you need to change how things are done in your lab. Total ownership costs are lower when depending on the cloud than when using conventional data centers. The shift that drives your progress can be to move your LIMS to the cloud.

Shift to Cloud with AyusLab LIMS

AyusLab LIMS is an ideal cloud architecture platform as its client-side is fully browser-based. We use cloud-based AyusLab LIMS environments for most development, support, and service needs.

AyusLab LIMS was built from the ground up with the ultimate goal of using web technologies with an application server, database server, and browser-based client, without any software installed on the site of a client.

Advantages of using AyusLab LIMS

  • Access from anywhere with Hassle-free usability.
  • Zero Server Downtime.
  • No fear of data loss as the data is backed up in multiple cloud servers.
  • Easily scale your business – all you need is an internet-connected PC.

AyusLab LIMS Demo | Pathology Software



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