A Lab Information Management System (LIMS) is a software that enables ease in operations involved in modern laboratories by automating, secure, and scalable tracking with all information. Main function of any LIMS is to track, store and process information about a sample from the time it passes into a lab until it has undergone processing. A LIMS Software will include a lab management system, ERP tools, data analytics tool, virtual software and Cloud Based, etc. Going from a sample to a meaningful report can be a complex process involving many steps, people, and the potential for error. Wherein A LIMS can help.

Why should a Laboratory invest in a LIMS software? Here is why:

  1. LIMS is FREE of Errors: A most important feature of LIMS software is FREE of Errors. Lab management being a tedious process nowadays, involving many stages, the probability of data mismatch, incorrect readings, and inaccurate updates are more when operations are handled manually. To avoid this, an automated system, Lab Information Management Software can largely help in ensuring record precision.
  2. Sample Tracking: LIMS begins a track record of the samples starting from sample collection from patients. Track Records maintained includes clinical reports, details of collection center, reference center, clinician/lab technician who handled the sample, and so on. With this information, LIMS makes 100% sure that the sample does not get mismatched or lost at any point of time during the entire course of the process. Barcoding greatly reduces transcription errors and is 20 times faster and significantly more accurate than keyboard entry. Increase speed, accuracy and efficiency. By using Barcoding you can avoid using spreadsheets and whiteboards and standardize sample data. Barcoding helps to Integrate with an electronic record or laboratory information system (LIMS)
  3. Integrate Instruments: Examinations, as well as tests performed in Laboratories on Equipment or instruments, can be directly linked with the Lab Information Management System. Just makes sense, time, financial, and resource so that data doesn’t have to be manually transcribed. By Interfacing with Equipment or Instruments, LIMS shall automatically obtain test results from the instrument and store them in its database which can then be shared, reviewed, and maintained at any point in time. This completely eliminates the need for manual handling that has very high chances of errors and is extremely time-consuming, enhances data quality, increases accuracy, increases throughput, avoids duplication, enhances productivity and ROI typically within one year. It is no secret that laboratories that automate their operations will not only increase efficiency and productivity but will also increase profitability.Interface Instruments LIMS
  4. Centralized Data Access: LIMS feature help in ease of access to patient records and reports. Any referencing or verification of patient details can be done in a flash or shared with technicians, and others instantly.
  5. Quicker and Hassle-free Workflow: LIMS automates workflow and record maintenance, which helps to save a lot of time. Hence, manual involvement to command or direct record movement and tracking are cut-off. Otherwise stated, LIMS manages and assigns works to the lab technician and makes the process hassle-free on the whole. LIMS allows flawless access to Doctors and Patients with their respective Mobile number with OTP. Additionally, it is also easy to make a comparative analysis with the convenience of setting against earlier or previous reports and patient record history, thus enabling quicker workflow.
  6. Leveraging Technology: By Leveraging Technology helps for field data collection and real-time communication. Without having to move to and fro for obtaining lab test results, patients get auto-updated through SMS or In A Mobile App or Emails (as chosen). Concise test results are sent as SMS or In A Mobile App or Emails with a PDF attachment. The software also keeps patients informed of the progress of laboratory testing from time to time which helps them gain confidence and affirm the progress. Accessing LIMS anytime and from anywhere with the Secure web portal of 2048 bit encryption. Tablets in the laboratory for recording data – Should have a different GUI designed for tablets. Leveraging Mobile Technology to Increase Productivity and Data Quality, while Reducing Costs.
  7. Accelerate TAT: Accelerating the total turnaround time for sample analysis. Faster data, faster decisions, especially in a disaster recovery situation. The overall time required from the start when the sample is collected until the reports are shared with patients/clinicians for further procedures, the manual handling is reduced, thus reducing error and the need for cross-verification at various points. Lab Information Management System also automatically manages and calibrates medical instruments connected with it, and auto-updates in case of alarming readings/reports. This improves the overall Turnaround Time of the entire process.
  8. Productive: LIMS increases throughput and thus acts very productively. Automatically, the lab test results are shared across users. And patient history can be quickly referred to. The reports are synchronized with the physician EMR for quick access. In cases of abnormalities, automatic updates and alerts are raised without the need for manual intervention. The software also enables digital signing and cuts down on the wait time for approving a physical document.
  9. Quality Control: Through the course of testing, the machine-driven analysis remains subject to change and may demand calibrations. With the help of effective Quality Control measures, identifying variations becomes very easy. Simply put, Quality Control helps in ensuring the accuracy and precision of data. Furthermore, QC results are stored as a database and can be set against actual results, thus enabling complete control over deviations or errors, if any. With NABL and other lab accreditations, the quality of results and the workflow are guaranteed.
  10. Savings (ROI) :
    • Time (faster turnaround time) – real-time
    • Resource savings (human collateral) (avg. 50-60 min per day per person on data re-entry, review and approval alone)
    • Automated emails to alert collectors of schedule
    • Higher Data Quality (eliminate transcription errors)
    • Better Data – Better Decisions
    • Paperless (going green) – the cost of storage
    • Enhanced communication across organization
    • A decrease in carbon footprint (facilitate green initiatives).
  11. Support and Training:
    • Product Support
    • FREE product upgrades.
    • Custom Training Online or Offline
    • Web guided documents with Video Tutorial

AyusLab LIMS is cloud-based and works on a subscription model. Clients can access it through the internet using their secure credentials. The intended use of the product is towards the efficient management of clinical laboratories. We provide a Saas platform for health care centers. AyusLab is used to manage their medical records and finances. Medical records are in turn shared with the concerned stakeholders.

The right vendor LIMS can help protect resources, adapt to your environment now and in the future, and provide an experience that lab staff wants to repeat. The fact that more and more people are becoming health conscious does simplify things such as the need for proper health data management. We believe the best way to treat and protect people is by moving towards preventive health care. The fact that more and more people are becoming health conscious does simplify things such as the need for proper health data management.

In the healthcare industry, access to the right information on time can very well mean the difference between life and death. Our aim is to empower doctors with the right information at the right time and we’re committed to improving the overall quality of health care delivery.



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